Have you ever built, owned, rented or visited someone at a cottage on an ocean beach, a lake or somewhere off the beaten path? If you have, this story should let you relive many fond memories.

If not, but if you have thought or dreamed about doing it, you have the chance to live some of the adventures.

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About the Book

Trek For The Cross: Book 1

At the end of the sixteenth century, Troung Van Ba was a devoted agent to the secret No Name Society. He was given an assignment to obtain a precious icon, a jade cross, from a Chinese master craftsman in China. The cross was to be a uniting icon to unite Dai Viet and Annam. He knew his trek would be long, difficult, and perilous. There would be stations at some subhamlets along the way for food, rest, and updates on trail hardships, as well as the possibility of robbers.

At one such subhamlet, he was told the route had been changed because of a compromise and was informed he now had a sixteen-year-old guide, Tran Thi Mot, at which he rebelled. During the trek, there would be hardships in their travel, attacks by bandits and the No Name’s enemies, finding a true friend, delivering the cross, and of course, love.

About the Book

Jade Cross Book 2: Before the Adventure

Master Gunnery Sergeant Travis Tolbane, USMC (Ret.) has been enjoying his retirement, not knowing he is about to embark on his most dangerous journey. He found a place to live in Mount Juliet and a desirable job as a mall security manager in Nashville, Tennessee, after leaving his beloved Corps. He finds what he believes will be the love of his life. He’s not aware that her life is in serious danger due to his catching a thief while serving in Vietnam.

About the Book

The Jade Cross: Book 3

Master Gunnery Sergeant Travis Tolbane, USMC (Ret), is leaving from an alleyway from his job as a mall security manager when he is ambushed by a trio of Vietnamese. Escaping from it by the arrival of Metro Police, he finds out from his friend, Detective Sergeant Parnell, that Tolbane’s friend Ba, his old interpreter from Vietnam, has been mutilated.

He; his live-in Vietnamese girlfriend, Mai, who is Ba’s half sister; an old Marine friend Parnell; and a Vietnamese priest must stop a maniacal piquerist, who thinks he is the reincarnated Thirteenth Century hero Tran Hung Dao, seeking an iconic Jade Cross and Tolbane’s lover, Mai, to rebuild an old society, the No Name.

About the Author

Harold Weist

The Author, a retired Marine, served a regular tour and two temporary assignments in the Republic of Viet Nam, December 1965 – January 1967 with the Third Marine Division as an Interrogator/translator, 2 months in 1969 at Third Marine Amphibious Group, and 2 months in 1970 in the Sai Gon Civil Assistance Group. Since then, he has worked in Nuclear Security ,
Retail Security, ran computer operations for a chain store before retiring from the workforce. He has, for several years, volunteered with Veterans Service Organizations. He brought the Field of Flags to Wilson County Tennessee’s Fair Ground every 4 th of July weekend for a few years. Proceeds of it goes to Veteran Service Organizations to aid needy veterans and their families through-out the year.

– The author was born in 1936 in Findlay Ohio. Joined the United States Marine

Corps in 1953 during the Korean Era at the age of 17, retiring in 1973. Served 1 regular tour and 2 temporary assignments in the Republic of South Viet Nam. Worked in different types of security, mostly nuclear and retail, and some industrial security. Was Security Supervisor at Harding Mall, Nashville, Tennessee.

before its demise. Taught skin and SCUBA diving, all levels of water safety including being a Water Safety Instructor Trainer for the Red Cross. Presently he volunteers with American Legion Post 15, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5015, and Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1004 in Lebanon, Tennessee. 

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Trek For The Cross

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